Friday, February 19, 2010


Some tips for a great burger. Meat is the most important ingredient so must be choosen with particoular care. Lean meat even if more appealing has not enought fat in it to garantee the patty to be tender after the cooking. Fat meat on the other hand tend to loose grease on the flame and your burger will end up flambè.
My personal suggestion is to mix half lean and  half fat ground  beef. To assure extra moisture and flavour I add 1 onion and 3 cloves of garlig for 3 patties (meat weight around 450 grams or in pounds around 1). Of course some salt can not be forgotten bu my recommandetion is to add just a tiny bit of salt as it dries out the meat. Salty taste can be given in a variety of way cheese, bacon, wocestre sauce etc. If you really need to add salt for your taste ,do add it once the burger are almost done. Black pepper is a must on the meat as a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. Combine all the ingredients gently, take your time when mixing. I use a wooden spoon, break the meat in parts a just stirr them. The goal is not having a compost bu be sure to distribute the ingredients in an equal way all around.
Done with the mix, devide the meat in 3 parts with the size of a tennis ball, gently press together your hands to flat down the patties. Reduce the height to 2 centimeters, 0,8 inch, making sure the edges are smooth and press them to give shape.
If you grill your burgers with the mentioned height on medium high temperature you will be sure they won't dry out too much. Place them on heat and leave for 5-7 minutes per side. Turn them just once and avoid to press them on the grill, they won't cook faster, you will just loose the great juices contained in them. Do press the gently to be sure all the surface of the patty is touching the grill, but plese gently.....This is I how I treat my burgers meat untill on fire.
Next time I will share with you how to add extra flavour and texture with cheese and bacon and how to dispose the extra filling and ingredients of the bun.

As usual please leave your comments and suggestion, I'll be pleased to share with you your opinions and ideas.