Saturday, March 12, 2011

Double goat cheese, fried bacon, pepper burger

This is my latest attempt in burgers, it is a juicy combination of different tastes with a good variety of textures resulting in a delicious hardcore burger.

The burger has been mixed with onions, garlic powder, nutmeg, cayenne peppper, little salt, Worcestershire sauce and few drops of water. Than it has been smoked , heavily smoked with mesquite wood chips. I have cooked it on indirect heat but on a very hot grill to give the tipical stripes that any burger needs. Once it was almost done I have moved the burger over the hot coals to give the last flame and finished the cooking there.

In that burger I have combined two different goat cheese, a very fresh and creamy one to add a little sour, gerat with roasted red peppers and a semisoft one to give more body and melting compared to the previous. The result has been very impressive.

The composition and ingredients of the double goat cheese, bacon, pepper burger from the bottom are:

French mustard
two leaves of brasilian salad
beef burger (see coplete ingredients and detailed recipe)
semisoft goat cheese 
fresh creamy goat cheese
crispy fried bacon
grilled red peppers, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and little oregano
uncooked white onion
chipolte sauce

For the first time after cooking the burger, after I have covered it with the goat cheese, I have wrapped it in aluminium foil and placed it in the oven (moderate temperature) for few minutes to let the meat absorb its own juices and the cheese melts. The result is great, the meat is firm and extremely tender, ready to be eaten ..... try it.

Definitely one of the best and complex burger I have ever eaten.

Buon appetito