Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fruity smoked cuts

here above are some of the greatest results of my smoking activity.
Since I came back from the States where my master is, my dad bought a great Oklahoma Joe's. First hits were more like slow grilling but very tasty anyway. After some practise and little study, I have converted my grilling into a low and slow cooking technique. Living in the countryside with plenty of land gives my family and I always the opportunity of having fruity woods coming from winter pruning to use: cherry, apple, pear...
The way I set the fire in my pit is having a medium bed of coal to keep certain heat and add every once and then, depending on the consume, small sticks of wood.

picture 1 Beef brisket just sliced
picture 2 Beef brisket as off the bbq
picture 3 Beef brisket and its rub before the smoking
picture 4 Pork ribs sweet and sour glazed, 5h cherry smoked
picture 5 Myself setting the fire

All your comments and suggestions are always very welcome, please leave yours here below helping me to better perfom my cooking.

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