Friday, April 2, 2010

Green peppercorn-scamorza burger

This is a great and easy variation of a normal bacon cheeseburger, it is called green peppercorn - scamorza burger.

A good mix of spices and smoked tastes, you will love it!!!

I have added cherry wood on my brace to give extra flavour to this simple recipe, you'll be surprised on how the combination of these ingedients will blend perfectly together.

Treat the patties as for a normal hamburger (see previous post), but add 1 1/2 table spoons of preserved green peppercorns in the mix.

Once the burghers are done, add on each patty slices of smoked scamorza cheese and let it melt.

Place some lattuce leaves on the bottom of each bun, set the burger on it and distribute on the scamorza cheese the green peppercorn sauce.

 Finish with a couple of slices of crispy bacon on top.

Buon appetito


  1. hello your starter suits me totally !! i hope to have more soon !! Pierre de Paris

  2. Hi Pierre, here above I have just posted some pics and tips of my green peppercorn-scamorza burger.
    For the green pepper sauce I have also posted a recipe

    Buon appetito

  3. wow! i love this, i think this is very delicious.